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    All You Need (to code)
    is Angular!
    Backand, a fully loaded backend
    for Bootstrap + Angular apps,
    allows you to focus on your app
    and bring your own database
    while removing server side hassles
    and security and hosting dilemmas.

    Backand, a fully loaded
    backend for Angular
    apps, removes the
    server side hassle.

Build your Bootstrap + Angular App

Simple REST API over your cloud database

Bring your own Amazon RDS cloud database

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Angular Backend as a Service (ABaaS)

Bring your Bootstrap + Angular app to life in just a few clicks.
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Bring your own database along for the ride

Using Backand’s simple REST API, bind your app to any
Amazon RDS cloud database – MySQL, PostgreSQL,
MS SQL Server or Oracle.
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Comprehensive security and authentication

A rich set of security features including role based access, OAuth 2.0 and SocialAuth.
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Continually monitor activity and log reports

Trace all database activity, presented in a robust logging dashboard with full reporting capabilities.
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Fully customized Angular directives

Already configured to connect to Backand’s REST API, making it fun to build a working UI.
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Come along for the ride

Use Backand Today

It’s free, no credit card required